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Smart Scan Never Ends!

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My phone is scheduled to run a smart scan on Sunday nights. It never ends.\

It scans for hours. Communincating with ESET Live Grid.

Scans the same few files over and over and over.

My device is being held hostage by this smart scan.

How do i make it stop.

Everytime i reboot my phone it just starts up again.

Ive changed the setting to in depth scan that does not help.

Indepth scan finishes and the the scheduled smart scan starts again.


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How do you know it's communicating with ESET LiveGrid. Is there always displayed this small message "Communication with ESET LiveGrid"?


To stop the scan you disable the scheduled task of course and then restart your device.

But however if EMS still displays that the scan is running (in the notification area for example) then you should also be able to stop the scan.

You can pause it with the green button and stop/cancel it with the 'X' at the right top.

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