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Endpoint Security 6 greatly slowing older i5 Win7 home computer

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I am trialing Est Endpoint Security 6 on several clients before I roll out for the entire netework.  One of our users has an older dell laptop with an i5 processor and Windows 7 home computer (don't look at me, I didn't buy computers for the company.)   User reported the computer was performing satisfactory prior to EES.   After installing via the Agent using ERS and applying a default policy the user reported the computer became so slow as to be nearly unusable.  Particularly they found downloading webpages to be very, very bad.  

I investigated.  I found modest memory usage but very high CPU usage across all 4 cores.  20-50% at all times.  Interestingly no processes listed in task manager listed a high cup load.  Resource monitoring turned up ekern.exe as the highest using process.   Scans were not presently running, ESS was fully updated by this time and windows updates had completed.  

I tried double checking the cleaning the computer, used Malware bytes, Rouge Killer, and ESS to scan the computer.  Some objects were found and cleaned but it made no improvements in performance.

Turning Real time protection and Personal Firewall via the task tray context menu made no different.   


I have been trailing an identical ESS install on my desktop workstation using a newer i3 CPU and have noticed no perceptible drop in system performance or webpage downloading.  



So what should I do?   And how should I go about finding what is causing this user's system to preform so poorly with EES 6?  I admit I am a little new to this ESET system so not completely sure I have to set up well.  


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Please try temporarily setting the ERA Agent service to not start automatically and restart the computer to see if it makes a difference. The best would be if you could generate a complete memory dump from the point when the issue occurs and supply it to us for analysis.

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For the first:


Start, run, services.msc

(or access services another way)

find the agent service, double click it and chnage the startup to manual.


For the second, ESET has a KB article




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