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Unable to send sample file with ESS

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I was unable to send a sample file for a false positive within Eset Smart Security. It kept saying unable to send sample. I had to report the false positive by email instead, but my email will not allow me to send .exe files. I tried renaming the file extension, but was unable to. I'm running short on time so I don't have time to keep trying.They will just have to download Hitman Pro Alert from the link I provided of their website. hxxp://www.surfright.nl/en/alert

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I've scanned hmpalert3.exe but ESET didn't report anything on it.

Still, it would be good if ESET replied back when other vendors make contact don't you think? Zero response doesn't sound good.


ESET currently has a false positive on one of our drivers. We have submitted 2-weeks ago, received zero response. So if you have enabled PUA to maximum in ESET, be sure to disable that.



I also sent the following link in a PM to you on Wilders on Mars 11 to let you know, but you didn't reply to my PM or made a reply in the thread: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/hitmanpro-alert-support-and-discussion-thread.324841/page-175#post-2468397

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Ok, I don't check PMs at Wilders' unless I get a notification about a new one and I don't remember getting one on this. This is our official forum and I chime in at Wilders' occasionally as time allows.


The problem was that the vendor was using an SDK misused by adware authors and HM drivers could be misused too. We've provided the vendor with instructions what to change to prevent the misuse. They implemented the changes we've suggested so updated driver files have been whitelisted and will not be detected as of the next update.

Note that it was a potentially unsafe application which was detected. This detection is disabled by default in ESET's products.

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Occasionally ?  I thought you checked Wilders more or less everyday. At least I see you online more often that what I would call occasionally  :D And I sent you the PM on Wilders since that's where the thread is located. 


Well I checked the send date to be sure, and the PM was indeed sent on Mars 11. 


That's great to hear. Yeah I know it was the driver that was detected as Unsafe (optional). But I also know that SurfRight would like to get it fixed ASAP as they don't want their software to be associated with PUA detections in any way.

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