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Question about Unilicense


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my subscription have to be renewed soon.When i buy a Unlicense Pack,can i decide which Version of Eset i install on my Windows PC?Because i want only Nod32 not Smart Security,don't want that Firewall.And i know that i can deactivate it also in the Smart Security Version but i only want the pure good old Nod32 :D



Thx Margos

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You can't buy a unilicense pack. Unilicense is just the name from ESET which describes that you can switch to another device and OS. But it separates mobile (Android and co) and desktop devices (Windows, Mac OS and Linux). It's included in every license you buy.


About ESS/NOD32: If you buy ESS then you can switch to NOD32. But if you buy NOD32 you can't use the license for ESS.


But if you mean the multi-device pack then there you can of course use it for any OS, device and ESET product you like (but of course only the home user products - on the website is a list of all products you can use with the multi-device security license).

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