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  1. I have almost the same problem but I use Windows 7 64Bit.After installation of Eset Internet Security the Webcam option shows in red and is saying that my webcam is currently on(which isn't the case)and i have to turn it off and reboot.I tried to reboot several times but it doesn't help.I deactivated my Webcam in the Windows device manager and turned on the webcam security,that worked.I reactivated my webcam and tried to activate my webcam to check if the webcam security is working,but it was not.I could activate my webcam where I wanted and no pop up or anything showed up.Now I have deactivated the option because otherwise I had the red pop up in Eset all day.
  2. Im German too and can't reproduce what he is talking about. Maybe he is annoyed of the many pop ups by Hips(still Eset's weak point) in any other mode than automatic? But in general i like the gui of version 10.
  3. I'm a Multi Device License user and i wanted to say that the new Internet Security looks really good. The Webcam Guard and the Homenetwork security(don't know if both is exactly called like that in English because I use the German version) make 100 times more sense to me than the Anti Theft module for a Laptop/PC.The HDD would be formated easily if the hardware would be stolen. Good job Eset, but still 2 things that are not changed. If you do a scan and Eset find something please show us directly what it is, not at first when the scan has ended. And when i want to make an exception for not scanning a file again, don't let us copy the path and insert it all the time through the menu.
  4. Yeah same here.And Security behavior is not that common for many people also. They use the same weak passwords for every stuff and they want it as easy as possible which most of the times kills security.
  5. Hi,I saw now on my older Honor 3C with Android 4.4 that that counter is working there. But on my Zenfone 2 Laser with Android 6.0.1 it shows that Phishing Protection is active but the counter is still on zero. Is it working now or not?
  6. The new Update to version 9.0.402.1 fixed the problem.Thx!!
  7. Hi, I have a question about the Phishing protection module of Eset Mobile Security.Yandex browser is displayed as supported in the list but I tried it out with amtso.org Phishing website test and it was not blocked/detected. Also the counter of checked websites on the phishing module page in Eset Mobile Security isn't changing,still 0,and I visited a number of sites.
  8. Hi, I'm back to Eset after a 2 years break. I'm using a Multi Device License for 5 devices. On both of my laptops the info about signature base updates is not up to date. For example if there was an update today and it was successful, it tells me on the screen that the last update was yesterday (the signature are up to date 4 surel. That info will only refresh after a new boot of the laptop. And also the pop up window for the successful signature base update will not show up anymore (it did in the beginning).
  9. @Marcos You mean even without interactive mode enabled?
  10. You can use ESET HIPS interactive mode for preventing zero day attack. Yeah,if you want to click on 100 pop up Windows of the Hips module per day for every little thing.It is not bad in blocking but which user wants to handle so many requests every day?Stil Eset's weak point is the Hips.
  11. Was not hating against Eset but it has still his weaknesses but performance is one of the best out there but F Secure i didn't notice that much more slowdown. I like both.
  12. LabVIEW707 Unimpressed of what? What you tested exactly? To be honest i like Esets signatures, they are very good but zero day component sucks still.F Secure's Deepguard is way better. That's something Eset still has to improve a lot. F Secure has his weaknesses too.
  13. Yeah thx, my fault i meant Multi Device Pack. That's all i wanted to know
  14. Can't say that.I use it also on an other laptop(not the fastest)and it is not heavy at all,only during scan it is really heavy.But I must admit Eset is lighter and has no problems during scannning compressed archives. Lol == At first, I misread your name as "Marcos". Hahaha... Sorry for that. hahah yeah I'm Marcos making advertisement for F Secure as an Eset employee MarGos over and out
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