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PCs displaying without FQDN name do not go to Lost & Found

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Hi we are having weird issue. We have setup static groups to manage the pcs at multiple locations, each one has their own domain. So the name typically shows up as backroom-1.businessname.local

However many machines will not show the full FQDN name, it just says backroom-1. After a new install every machine is supposed to go to lost & found, but it will end up in a static group (I believe it goes to the last created group). This happens to all pcs named 'backroom-1' and also randomly for other pc names.  Why does it not show the FQDN name, and why is it automatically placing itself into a group other than Lost & Found.


The Protect server is running on a machine called 'Backroom-1' that is not on a domain if that has any significance.


thanks in advance.

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