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Conflicting On ESS Modes?

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I know I asked before, but tbh. really didn't get concrete answer and I would like to get some clarity.

Year or so ago, Initially when I installed Windows 10  I would leave most setting of  ESS at defaults with exception of few small adjustments, but I would let firewall to be on learning mode for a day till system and few small apps e.g Firefox  to create rules and after I would switch back to Automatic mode...Is that a good enough way?

Now! reason I'm asking is because the other day I have reinstalled windows and afterwords I installed ESS and left the firewall to stay at defaults on Automatic mode. I know thins that without letting Firewall run in learning mode, Firefox would  run a slightly slower e.g. opening and switching web pages, not a huge difference, but I could tell slight difference.

Is leaving Firefox in Learning mode for say...an hour just to open and close few times so it creates the rules  then switch it back to Automatic would be ideal way of doing it, safe? 

Thanks guys.


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I think I went through most of the help pages where it describes firewall rules with different scenarios and I think I have better understanding as far is a real purpose of Learning and Automatic modes, when to use it and and how rules are been applied.

Although,  If anyone like to share their expertise I would still appreciate it🙂

Thanks guys.




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I think Learning Mode is more designed to be used with Interactive Mode

You let the firewall learn the machine for a while and then you switch to Interactive Mode , in that case you will have to manually allow/block traffic to unlearned apps after that.

And learning mode will put apps and traffic that it learned and allow them or block them(it could block maybe idk), after that you can also look at the list and remove unwanted rules if the software added something you don't want

but if you are looking to use Automatic Mode , then keep it Automatic

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Posted (edited)

Now since you've mentioned, it does rig the bell.

Long ago when Outpost (Agnitum) was still around I think I did that exactly. I run system in learning mode then switched to Interactive to deal only with new occasional popups.

When I first got ESET I would do the same, but I really want it to have less and less of my input and I only did that on clean, just installed system I would run in learning mode, get the base rules, install Firefox  let it run on learning for a while longer then switch to Auto and leave it at that, so far has been OK.




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