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ESET Server Security - Fedora 39 Workstation

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I know Fedora is not officially supported.  But maybe small manual for someone ;)
1. dnf install policycoreutils-devel
2. install Management Agent

3. push ESET Server Security from console 
4. after installation there will be an error (screenshot1)
5. run command

sed -i 's/i_ctime/__i_ctime/g' /var/opt/eset/efs/eventd/eset_rtp/ertp_cache.c && sed -i 's/i_ctime/__i_ctime/g' /var/opt/eset/efs/eventd/eset_rtp/ertp_event.c

6. restart service or reboot
7. service working (screenshot2) 




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And it's working correctly?!

Very interesting! I'm also on Fedora but to make it work I had to version lock the kernel to 6.3.13 from April 2023 as I couldn't manage to make it work with anything more recent...

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I have disabled 'web protection" but for all Linux endpoint, also for Ubuntu, because there are some bugs. Except of that looks like it's working. (latest kernel)

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