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Eset On windows 7 with EP Cloud

Walter Vergara
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Hello, we have a potential client who wants to implement ESET on more than 100 computers that have the Windows 7 SP1 version. The client does not have an Active directory or On-premise console: uses the CLOUD version of ESET Protect to manage the ESET solution.
According to the official ESET website and forums, the latest version of ESET for said OS is version 9.1
 The problem is that it is impossible to change the ESET agent+client installer on this type of console. It could only be done in the On premise Console.
Is there any WorkAround to try to implement what is required?
The only way we can think of to carry out this implementation is to install EP ON PREMISE, install the agents on the endpoints with the client in its version compatible with Windows 7 and then migrate that same Console to EP Cloud.
Is there an easier way to implement this from the EP Cloud Console?
Perhaps by modifying the installer path from the Cloud console, to the installer compatible with Windows 7 (version 9.1).
Or, could you install Agent 9 manually and point it to the cloud instance and then assign an EBA username and password during the installation?

I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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Sorry Admins for creating the forum thread in the General Section, it should go in ESET Business User Products->PROTECT Cloud.

If it necessary you can move it.

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A solution would be to use GPO, however, since the computers are not in a domain I'm not sure there will be an easy way to deploy ESET or other software on the machines.

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We install the On Prem console only to connect the agents of the hosts with Windows 7(We use version 9.1 for both the console and the agent).

We create a task that redirects those Windows 7 hosts to the Cloud console. Once they are reported to the Cloud console, and we already have management of the Pc with win 7 in this console, we can uninstall the On-Prem console.


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