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Can't get rid of virus


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The screen shots merely show that your IE crashes, it's not a proof that your computer is infected. What makes you think it's infected except these crashes?

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I wrote an extensive easy tutorial to fix this, then clicked submit, and ###### forgot to log in. This forum doesnt retain your text  on logging back or going back. That sux, almost all forums have that option.

let me try to jot it down quickly again.
 (this is after you have followed the above procedure) I am a jack of all trades, not an expert. this is how i clean my and Dad's system. every time he sees download button ads he clicks them! And collects every week tons of malware adware and stuff.  Always run scanners as admin, and if they have option to scan rootkits or heuristics have them enabled.
Including ESET. This is assuming you have already ran Eset.

Option 12 is prolly gonna fix your problem temporarily if you absolutely have no net on your pc and ie keeps crashing before you can get those tools required below.

1. go to Ninite.com


2. Tick on the below under security

Spybot 2


3. Tick on below under Utilities

4. Click get installer

5. Run the Installer after it has downloaded as Admin.

6. Run Glary, choose 1 click maintenance. select the options u want run. Objective is to clean temp files to reduce files that require scanning

6.Open Revo   (optional - if you feel comfortable)
uninstall any programs that you feel are fishy or you dont want them (bloatware)
after normal unistaller uninstalls it, more options will populate on revo uninstaller, click next and select the files it finds related to what programs u were uninstalling

7. Run MalwareBytes , Update then Scan complete

8. Run Super, Update then Scan complete

9. Run Ad- Aware, Update then Scan complete

10 Run Spybot2, Update then Scan complete

Restart when necessary. (i have restarted after running all, and still found same result, but some advice restart whenever propted)

11. RUn Glary, choose 1 click maintenance. select the options u want run again.
in the modules there is System Tools

                 Select Browser or Internet Explorer asistant and fix as required. if need help let me know
                 Select Fix system files - Optional if the below fix doesnt fix system.

12. Copy paste the below list of commands for dos prompt into text pad and select SAVE AS
then give it any name you prefer followed by a .cmd
 and select save as all file type, else you cant name it as .cmd
    Run this New CMD File that you created as Admin 

The below Commands are list of commands i found on net that help fix corrupted net due to malware or other spywares

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh winsock reset 
netsh int ipv4 reset 
netsh int ipv6 reset 
netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt
ipconfig /release 
ipconfig /renew 
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
netsh winsock reset 
netsh int ip reset reset.log 

Best of luck. Its easy not difficult. 


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I'd sugggest contacting ESET, LLC in the US. If you are a paying customer, they will arrange a remote session with you and help you check and clean your computer from adware or whatever unwanted software or add-ons you have installed.

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