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Internet Security v17.0.16.0 - Interactive Firewall Filtering Still Broken / Kills VPN Adapter

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Still having issues with Interactive firewall filtering. When enabled some programs do not ask permission to access the internet when checking for new updates etc. The programs usually freeze and usually have to be forced closed and re-opened.

I also noticed that when using my VPN I kept getting webpage time outs,  DNS errors and noticed the network icon was showing no internet  access. When I hover over the link it shows that my VPN tunnel has no internet access.

When I turn the Firewall Filtering mode to either Learning or Automatic, everything works fine, but I don't want to use any mode except Interactive. I want to control what goes in and out of my PC.

This has been an ongoing issue since v16.2. Original post is here:

The issue was supposed to have been resolved in v17 but it has not.

Posting  logs but I don't know for sure if it captured the issue. Please  let me know if you need new logs.

FYI: When I ran ESET Log Collector it said that there were errors.


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If disabling the above setting doesn't make any difference, please raise a support ticket since it's not possible to resolve issues like this just by checking logs and changing something in the settings.


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