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    Jsin received kudos from Enrico in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    I've been struggling with this for a few weeks now. I always use interactive mode because I want to have more control about what goes out and comes in. Since the upgrade I can't connect to my personal VPN unless I set the firewall to Learning mode. When I do and connect to my VPN I get a dozen pop ups saying new rules have been created by the firewall. Then I switch to back to Interactive mode thinking that ESET would remember the rules that it set up by itself and disconnect from my VPN, I can't reconnect!
    I checked the firewall rules and there are multiple entries for my VPN service and beside each one a number in parenthesis, which I take to mean that is the number of times the rule has been used. Using Interactive mode is useless because even though I have the firewall exceptions ESET created, I still have to allow multiple popup windows and clicking to make a permanent rule does nothing.
    Interactive seems to be a broken mess now and does not remember permanent rules, does not respect rules created by Learning mode and constantly asks for permission for something that has already been allowed.
    First picture of the popup is when I changed the firewall to Learning and connected my VPN. I connected and automatically received 12 notifications.
    Second picture is the set of rules that were created for the VPN service in Learning mode along with (71). I changed to Interactive mode and can't connect to my VPN. I also receive random popups that a new rule has been created for my VPN, even though it has already been created dozens of times.
    ESET has become unusable.

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    Jsin gave kudos to x7007 in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    eset we need eta for a fix.
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