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  1. Is it dangerous ? How do I remove or check what it installed ? I can't find any details
  2. Hi, When updating to the latest release just now I got this message. Installation finished even without me clicking Clean or Ignore and the file is not there anymore, because it's Temp is this something to be careful with or just False positive?
  3. That was not the fixed. I've found the issue was with the Windows Software Protection service . It's something with the windows activation . If you are using non legit windows and some "activation" softwares then if it doesn't activate the windows properly it is causing this . that why many other people doesn't have this issue cause they have legit or using other kinds of activation . When I activated the windows properly I didn't have this error anymore . This error also effect computer speed cause it's a bunch of other things with the windows activation.
  4. I did the background thing, disabled, restart, enabled. I'll see if the error comes back.
  5. I did all the dism commands. it didnt fix the issue. maybe you don't leave ur computer 24/7? my computer is staying on all the times.
  6. Hi, Since using Eset with Windows 1809 it started showing on the Event Viewer always the same error. I just uninstalled Eset to test something and as soon as I installed it back again the error came back . exactly when eset finished installing the error showed up. There is not really anything that crashing or showing anything that closed unresponsively but this error always show up only with eset installed. it happened also with version 11 I think but with all 12 versions. using latest version at the moment Can you check and fix it ? Faulting application name:
  7. I was having the same issue like galaxy , exactly the same. and there is a trace to start menu from event viewer. It is ALWAYS the same error with the same numbers and it can repeat it self like 3-7 times in a row . it seems somehow it has to do with the windows notification . I couldn't open the Start Menu at all. it just didn't open , but the search did , if I went to the Windows 10 notification thing (pop up) or menu and clicked on it, then somehow the Start Menu started working. I think it was something with the Windows UI that couldn't detect Eset properly and stuck in the mid
  8. Can I change it back to N/A instead 1 when using Eset Antivirus only ? Without the internet Security Firewall , just the ESET Antivirus Edition.
  9. When doing Export it just processing and never finish.. What is the issue ? never happened to me.
  10. Because when ESET set it from Default n/a which is nore 0 or 1 . then it uses less UPLOAD speed. my connection is 500mbit/10mbit so I am very limited with upload . ESET changing the TcpAckFrequency to 1 uses more UPLOAD speed because it send more upload because how it works . The question is if I install ESET and it changes the registry to 1 , can I set it to Default n/a like it was without ESET without causing issues with the ESET Firewall or protection ?
  11. ok, So this is the fix for the WFP Compability , need to keep it disabled and RSC works fine.. finally I've found the issue. Also another question . Can ESET work without TcpAckFrequency set to 1/Disabled ? because it effect the performance of my connection. When installing ESET it changes automatically the setting. What happens if ESET is installed and set automatically TcpAckFrequency to 1 and I change it to TcpAckFrequency default n/a ? which means it doesn't exist. would ESET won't work properly or causing issues ?
  12. It seems that is the cause . Can someone explain this option please ? why it's default set to Off and when should it should be On ?
  13. Testing again. What causing the WFP Compatibility to be shown again and again after a while is the Maintain inactive TCP connections . What does it actually do ? what program it can affect ? Can I keep it disabled for performance or compatibility ?
  14. so use violence monkey? or someone will fix this
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