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  1. Windows 10 1703 creators. EIS 10.1.219 Every windows restart I have lag after entering my password, looking on the cpu usage it says ESET Service Ekrn.exe is using 15-17% cpu usage till it finish. Everytime I mount an image , ISO or which ever , the CPU usage is going 17% til 10 sec or so and then it finish. I don't know why those 2 things happen. uninstalling ESET fix the issue. Disabling does not. It's something with Firewall Rules, when deleting all of them it doesn't happen. What rule can cause this ? why it is causing it ?
  2. I just want to make sure where it came from Because I didn't install Wireshark which usually the only software I know that comes with it or some network software that need it, the question is does Eset needs it too or can I disable it or delete the file ? WinPcap Packet Driver (NPF) system32\drivers\NPF.sys
  3. I already diabled it. don't know about ticket. isn't here enough? there are admins that can move it to them
  4. eset. any fix soon? I won't have to choice to chabge to different antivirus soon, I'll post it to other gamers which might have weird freezing issues and it's because of this. how can you not have this? it's happening to a lot of people. some maybe never go full screen, use windows 7 or 8.1 and not 10. or it maybe happens to only windows 10 1703 version. seriuosly fix this. please
  5. I didn't see any improvement . I got back to the old version. I don't know if I'm suppose to restart the computer to take effect , do we need to restart ? because I didn't.
  6. no I'll download it, wanted to make sure it fixed for someone Still freezes ......................... ! Do I need to restart computer or anything else ? Advanced Setup > Update > Basic > Update Type Pre-Release ? Virus signature database: 15903P (20170812) Rapid Response module: 10546 (20170812) Update module: 1010 (20170621) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1526 (20170804) Advanced heuristics module: 1176 (20170217) Archive support module: 1266 (20170801) Cleaner module: 1141 (20170801) Anti-Stealth support module: 1114 (20170802) Firewall module: 1357.1 (20170529) ESET SysInspector module: 1269 (20170321) Translation support module: 1611 (20170627) HIPS support module: 1293 (20170718) Internet protection module: 1311 (20170720) Web content filter module: 1058 (20170406) Advanced antispam module: 5971P (20170812) Database module: 1093 (20170725) Configuration module (33): 1483.3 (20170413) LiveGrid communication module: 1022 (20160401) Specialized cleaner module: 1012 (20160405) Banking & payment protection module: 1110 (20170726) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1018 (20170601) Network protection module: 1514P (20170811) Router vulnerability scanner module: 1039 (20170627) Script scanner module: 1019 (20170726) Connected Home Network module: 1014 (20170531) Cryptographic protocol support module: 1018 (20170613)
  7. So we still need to use the fix ? to keep it at 1 ?
  8. Does this still happen ? Do we need this registry on windows 10 also ? or with ESET 10 version ?
  9. In windows there is a registry in TCP/IP that is TCPACKFrequency and it should be Default 0 or Disabled. but when installing ESET it changes the registry to 1 . It annoying because it makes more packets , lowering my Download speed because it uses more Upload . I tested it more than 10 times, on my Desktop and Laptop . Fresh windows 7 and windows 10 . and I noticed only when installing eset it happens. Also when uninstalling and reinstalling I can see that it changed the registry back from 0 or Disabled to 1 after I changed it manually .
  10. Only and only when disabling Gamer mode from Advanced menu > Tools > Game Mode > Enable Gamer Mode When running application in Full-Screen mode automatically is DISABLED then there is no issue. when it's ENABLED nothing else work . Just thi fix the issue. This ESET Protection totally.