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  1. Still no update ? Do you need more explaining about it ? did anyone check it ?
  2. No one ? It happens on both my laptop and desktop computer. the workaround I'm doing fix it 100%.
  3. Ha, I've found out it's teredo .... but I didn't actually play any Xbox games yet or something, I just got the notification .. The question is should I allow it or not ?? Type : client (Group Policy) Server Name : win10.ipv6.microsoft.com. Client Refresh Interval : 30 seconds Client Port : unspecified State : qualified Client Type : teredo client Network : unmanaged NAT : symmetric (port) NAT Special Behaviour : UPNP: No, PortPreserving: Yes Local Mapping :
  4. No , I'm using Hotnet from Israel . This is a communication from outside in Romania I think. I also added another picture showing that even Microsoft server want to communicate . I don't know why.
  5. Hi, Eset Internet Security ask me to allow or deny Inbound Network Traffic from Windows IP Helper Service, it's not IP I know, and utorrent that I'm using is suppose to use port TCP 54xxx and not UDP port that shown there. my Utorrent doesn't use UDP . I don't have any program that support this port. Also my MikroTik Router Firewall doesn't have any rule for this port, means it is no exist to the wild and not open from Router Firewall perspective . Why is this happening ? How can I detect what software or service did that ? my first action is to block anyway, but should I figure why it is happening ? I don't want to create a rule and block cause I don't know how it will effect after. What is the best practice to be done when those kind of alerts are showing ? EDIT : Also I got IP from Microsoft https://db-ip.com/
  6. When going into full screen and exiting from one there is delay of 2-3 seconds , then the video lags while the sound continues , then going into full screen again the same, and again when exiting, repeatedly . While doing so repeatedly, going outside and inside full screen, you can see what is causing it, it's the notifcation of Eset Internet Security that says : Eset Internet Security Eset Internet Security requires your attention. For more information, click on this notification. Eset Main Gui. Enabling Gamer Mode fix the issue or in Tools > Gamer Mode > Disabling - Enable Gamer Mode When running application in full-screen mode automatically please fix this issue, it's driving me insane disabling gamer mode every time I want to watch youtube or other videos.
  7. ok ,, What about Ekrn.exe takes tons of cpu at first windows booting ? almost 30% then it goes down slowly . but the mouse becomes laggy like hell , and everything takes ages to be opened at the first 2-3 seconds. Signing off and sign on again ekrn.exe does the same every time , sometimes it doesn't lag pretty much but still ekrn.exe takes tons of cpu all the time. Uninstalling Eset fix the issue, it's not laggy anymore. I've never had this issue with Eset, what can be the issue ? Also when checking how to uninstall Eset, I noticed I don't have on the Network Adapter . Select Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter and click Uninstall. Click Yes at the prompt, uninstallation may take several minutes Does it mean something is not good ? cause it says it's suppose to be on Windows 10 , do you have it ? When reinstalling or installing Eset Internet Security this thing supposed to be on the network adapter ?
  8. Hi, When using Eset every time I boot my computer my mouse because laggy after the logon . I'm not sure the antivirus does that , but I will need to uninstall it and see. no one else has this issue ? Second When using WGET software https://eternallybored.org/misc/wget/ to do some download test without writing to HDD . causing very high CPU and SSD Writes when ESET Antivirus and Firewall are enabled . when pausing the protection of both , the high SSD Write stops but CPU Still goes up because of Ekrn.exe which takes 7-8% cpu usage . even when both protection are disabled , this services still uses CPU . how to fix this issue ?
  9. Note: do this only temporarily to see if it resolves the latency issue. Turn off the "integrate into the system" option as noted below. I know in ver. 8, it is disabled by default. 4.1.3 Device control ESET NOD32 Antivirus provides automatic device (CD/DVD/USB/...) control. This module allows you to scan, block or adjust extended filters/permissions and define a users ability to access and work with a given device. This may be useful if the computer administrator wishes to prevent use of devices with unsolicited content by users. Supported external devices: Disk Storage (HDD, USB removable disk) CD/DVD USB Printer FireWire Storage Bluetooth Device Smart card reader Imaging Device Modem LPT/COM port Portable Device All device types Device control setup options can be modified in Advanced setup (F5) > Device control. Turning the switch on next to Integrate into system activates the Device control feature in ESET NOD32 Antivirus; you will need to restart your computer for this change to take effect. Once Device control is enabled, the Rules will become active, allowing you to open the Rules editor window. It is disabled default on 9 too. I never enabled it.
  10. This driver is notorious for causing latency issues. Just Google search about it.Usually a device issue mostly from USB. Do you have Eset USB protection enabled? If so, disable that an see if that resolves the issue. Where is that protection setting ? As soon as I disable RealTime Scan and HIPS I don't have jumps with nvlddmkm.sys . Wdf01000.sys had jumps because MBAM , I had both protection enabled, MBAM and Eset. as soon as I disabled MBAM It didn't happen anymore.
  11. Ye , so am I , I used MBAM Pro (Enable filesystem protection + Enable malicious website blocking ) enabled. with Nod 9.0.386 Antivirus with only the antivirus protection and Internet protection disabled. and I had slow down and high DPC with the file Wdf01000.sys , the DPC just sky rocket randomly, as soon I've disable both protection, I didn't have issue anymore. I'll just keep MBAM realtime protection disabled just for scanning only software. You can check your DPC using LatencyMon for free, just search google. This happened with windows 10 x64 , my windows 8.1 laptop with no MBAM installed at all with Eset 9.0.386 I don't have DPC issues. Can I just use MBAM Malicious website protection ? Could Eset 9.0.386 have issue with DPC in windows 10 ? as soon as I open Chrome same as other person and he uses Windows Defender, my nvlddmkm.sys DPC going high with 1080GTX card which nvidia fixed with hotfix driver. for him he doesn't have the jumps. could HIPS cause it ? if I disable the RealTime Protection does it disable HIPS ? or do I need to disable HIPS alone and then restart for it to work ? HIPS causing DPC Latency problem, after disable HIPS and RealTime Protection and restarting windows I didn't have any jumps... what can I do to fix it ? For some reason I don't have issue with my laptop windows 8.1 but issue with windows 10 .
  12. When version 9 comes out , its been already too long for windows 10