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  1. Can I change it back to N/A instead 1 when using Eset Antivirus only ? Without the internet Security Firewall , just the ESET Antivirus Edition.
  2. When doing Export it just processing and never finish.. What is the issue ? never happened to me.
  3. Because when ESET set it from Default n/a which is nore 0 or 1 . then it uses less UPLOAD speed. my connection is 500mbit/10mbit so I am very limited with upload . ESET changing the TcpAckFrequency to 1 uses more UPLOAD speed because it send more upload because how it works . The question is if I install ESET and it changes the registry to 1 , can I set it to Default n/a like it was without ESET without causing issues with the ESET Firewall or protection ?
  4. ok, So this is the fix for the WFP Compability , need to keep it disabled and RSC works fine.. finally I've found the issue. Also another question . Can ESET work without TcpAckFrequency set to 1/Disabled ? because it effect the performance of my connection. When installing ESET it changes automatically the setting. What happens if ESET is installed and set automatically TcpAckFrequency to 1 and I change it to TcpAckFrequency default n/a ? which means it doesn't exist. would ESET won't work properly or causing issues ?
  5. It seems that is the cause . Can someone explain this option please ? why it's default set to Off and when should it should be On ?
  6. Testing again. What causing the WFP Compatibility to be shown again and again after a while is the Maintain inactive TCP connections . What does it actually do ? what program it can affect ? Can I keep it disabled for performance or compatibility ?
  7. so use violence monkey? or someone will fix this
  8. comon eset please fix the issue.
  9. yes eset . any fix ? someone do it and send him the file :x
  10. I figured the issue. When installing ESET it changes the TCP ACK Frequency to 1 . RSC works fine with that. if I change to 0 to disable. then it says WFP not compatible . Why Kaspersky doesn't need to change the TCP ACK Frequency but ESET does ?
  11. Any update on that ? did you get update the WFP drivers ?
  12. Marcos, Eset , Could you make WPF Compatibility drivers please ?> Kaspersky internet Security 2018 is working fine to compare with eset.
  13. Still getting WFP Compatibility after using ESET . Uninstalling it is working fine. don't know why it took time for it to show WFP Compatibility . Please update ESET Driver.
  14. Well, because some brands like SolarFlare doesn't support Large Receive Offload anymore in their drivers . I have it on because I've manage to do it using older driver and then upgrade to newer one while keeping the setting in the advanced options. But RSC is the only choice if I do not have Large Receive offload and the only way to enable RSC is using ESET 11 now . but now that ESET 11 has the newer Window Filter Platform driver it's working. Large receive offload improves a lot , RSC improves even more. it's not about the CPU Usage but more about the DPC while it moves the data . it delay all the other drivers/system while performing the download task over high download speed bandwidth . and the DPC just going over the roof.
  15. ESET 11 Gamer Mode doesn't seem to effect Youtube anymore. but there is another thread that says Game Mode doesn't work at all with ESET 11.