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  1. yes eset . any fix ? someone do it and send him the file :x
  2. I figured the issue. When installing ESET it changes the TCP ACK Frequency to 1 . RSC works fine with that. if I change to 0 to disable. then it says WFP not compatible . Why Kaspersky doesn't need to change the TCP ACK Frequency but ESET does ?
  3. Any update on that ? did you get update the WFP drivers ?
  4. Marcos, Eset , Could you make WPF Compatibility drivers please ?> Kaspersky internet Security 2018 is working fine to compare with eset.
  5. Still getting WFP Compatibility after using ESET . Uninstalling it is working fine. don't know why it took time for it to show WFP Compatibility . Please update ESET Driver.
  6. Well, because some brands like SolarFlare doesn't support Large Receive Offload anymore in their drivers . I have it on because I've manage to do it using older driver and then upgrade to newer one while keeping the setting in the advanced options. But RSC is the only choice if I do not have Large Receive offload and the only way to enable RSC is using ESET 11 now . but now that ESET 11 has the newer Window Filter Platform driver it's working. Large receive offload improves a lot , RSC improves even more. it's not about the CPU Usage but more about the DPC while it moves the data . it delay all the other drivers/system while performing the download task over high download speed bandwidth . and the DPC just going over the roof.
  7. ESET 11 Gamer Mode doesn't seem to effect Youtube anymore. but there is another thread that says Game Mode doesn't work at all with ESET 11.
  8. Hi, Using Windows 1709 x64 with SolarFlare 10Gb Network card with EIS installed and trying to Enable Microsoft RSC ( Receive Segment Coalescing State ) doesn't enable it with error saying ( WPF Compatibility ) When it's enable properly it should says ( NoFailure ) Could you update your WPF driver to support RSC ? I talked to SolarFlare and they said the WPF driver need to support it or else it would disable RSC till you uninstall or disable it. Please update your WPF drivers with ESET so I can keep using your Antivirus + Firewall , or else it just disable the RSC for me. With EIS it doesn't work, as soon I uninstalled EIS , RSC started working without the WPF Compatibility error. Screenshot attached . The first one is with EIS installed 10.1.235 The 2nd is EIS uninstalled I have yet tried ESET 11 which was just released , but I want to wait for your answer about this. please if you can release a Beta or Pre-Release version so I can test it ASAP ! if it doesn't work with version 11 just yet !
  9. When using WGET command in windows with Command Prompt Ekrn.exe is using tons of Hard Disk Usage if I open more than 1 Wget, it shouldn't use Hard disk usage at all, because I'm not really writing to the hard disk , anyway at least windows doesn't do that, but Eset think it does and scan it. I tried to disable all EIS protection but it still use Hard disk usage and also a lot of CPU Usage. with my friend computer it doesn't' happen and he doesn't have Antivirus installed https://imgur.com/ALY2DD3
  10. Why it takes so long for the ESET icon to show up in the version on the tray icon ? all my other icons are straight and this is the last one to shown ? it didn't happen on 10.1.219
  11. Will test , installing EDIT : It still happens Will keep checking , Checking if it might be compatibility or performance issue with Adguard software https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/adguard-causing-high-dpc-latency.25817/
  12. What do you need to fix it ? Using LatencyMon there are tons of jumps because of EIS, as soon as I disable the Internet Protection/Firewall , the jumps stops. No one has the same issue ? This is after EIS Router Scanning , you can see the jump on the Tcpip.sys because of it, which normally does not happen. For this time EIS was disabled RealTime protection and Internet protection/Firewall. This is what happens while just using the computer and EIS is enabled. When the protection is enabled I have jumps and slow downs on TeamViewer , also the Latencymon going crazy reaching 3000 or 4K on Wdf01000.sys , the only cause is ESET Internet protection and maybe also the RealTime scanning on some random occasions . How to fix this ?? this is big issue ! !
  13. Eset , any fix to this issue or just make this error disappear or not blocking it ?
  14. Windows 10 1703 creators. EIS 10.1.219 Every windows restart I have lag after entering my password, looking on the cpu usage it says ESET Service Ekrn.exe is using 15-17% cpu usage till it finish. Everytime I mount an image , ISO or which ever , the CPU usage is going 17% til 10 sec or so and then it finish. I don't know why those 2 things happen. uninstalling ESET fix the issue. Disabling does not. It's something with Firewall Rules, when deleting all of them it doesn't happen. What rule can cause this ? why it is causing it ?