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Simple Question - Difference in Scan Types?

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I have been meaning to ask this for a while now. 


What, specifically, is the differences between the different scan types allowed in ESET business solutions?  I'm referring to the "InDepth Scan" vs. the "Smart" Scan vs. the "Context-Menu" scan...

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Please forgive me if this post constitute hijacking of the original subject by the op but this question of mine is a little bit related to the original subject.


I've setup EAV to scan twice a week during lunch breaks, In-depth scan every Mondays and Smart scan on Wednesdays with both scans Smart Optimization enabled.


The in-depth scan processed 2,510,029 objects in 2:47:57 while smart scan 2,379,653 in 2:25:30. Smart scan has processed around 10% faster only compared to in-depth scan if I'm not mistaken. Shouldn't Smart scan be more faster? I'm confused and don't think there are only 130,376 files that were found to be clean in the previous scan and have not been modified since that scan.


Maybe I am just expecting so much of the Smart scan with Smart Optimization option?

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