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Device control USB data storage block

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i am currently trying to setup device control that blocks all USB's except ones that we whitelist according to their serialnumber and vendor ID.

Now i have created 2 policies and have tried playing with the policy hierarchy.


This is the all USB block policy:


This is the settings i have set.



The following is a test i ran to see if the exception i create will go through the block policy.


I have first made sure the block works, i also have an report what PC's has tried using an USB but has been blocked. according to that report i have taken the vendor, model and serial. The reasoning to instead choosing "allow" i have chosen "warn" is to make sure our users are consciously clicking on allow.



When i apply the second exception policy, for some reason it gets confused and starts letting through all USB's and ignores both policies.

Am i doing something wrong? i have also tried combining both in 1 policy. but it will just block everything.

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