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STEAM Trojan, new species


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Steam Apps, Wallpaper download, have screenshots if required, this has gotten me a few times after a few clean installs, but this time?
I had ESET installed before I even went onto steam, and I have every setting on the most vicious detection capability and interactive monitoring except during designated trouble shooting requests from technicians - point is, trojan came in, despite cleaned and deleted, it began pouring in registry edits that the system allowed, I've system restored after deleting the troubling entries for microsoft edge and auto runs / startup keys, but I doubt I've truly killed it.
Essentially, from REPEATED experience?
This thing opens up silent ports when you go into your browser and boom, suddenly a bunch of remote probes start hitting your security audit and then you get your password stolen and locked out of your own system, just doing everyone a service and reporting the likely vector
(Beyond what I suspect was a corrupted clean install - which had nearly 100 firewall entries and rules despite being diskpart wiped, scary sh1t, it CAN happen kids, be cautious)

Note, I have reported it to steam as well as the creator and posted the same on Malwarebytes forums and the relevent ESET portals, cheers, hope this protects someone else, as I believe I'm already compromised gain and it's just...such a nightmare to fend off, better to simply get a clean install and go again after you collect what data you can manage!

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Did you modify Eset default firewall rules?

Refer to this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/39039-eset-firewall-and-steam/ . In this instance, the poster set Eset firewall to learning mode. In other words, Steam had unrestricted network access to the poster's device.

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