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ESET Firewall and Steam

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Just installed latest version (trial version) of Eset SSP. 

I set the firewall to "learning mode". It creates firewall rules automatically for example, VLC, chrome, etc. As it should.

Then i ran STEAM, played some games etc basic things, and Eset created a lot of firewall rules. As it should.

But when i switched firewall profile to "interactive" and then started STEAM, i get about 20 firewall pop-ups that Steam.exe and steam webhelper wants to connect to internet.

So, it's a "click-fest" to allow then all (again). OK, then quitted Steam and started it again. The same 25 pop-ups came again....again and...again.

What i tried:

1. Remove all steam.exe and steam webhelper from firewall rule tab made by learning mode

2. Made a custom firewall rules for steam.exe and webhelper exe, where TCP/UDP(or any protocol) is allowed for any port local/remote.

3. Moved them to the top the firewall rules(priority) and then saved the firewall settings.

4. Started steam again in firewall interactive mode and again...25 popups

This only happens with Steam. Can someone please, help me with this?


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Based on what is posted here: https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/2EA8-4D75-DA21-31EB , it appears Steam randomly assigns ports in the ranges specified in the article. Hence, Eset firewall alerts being generated when different ports are being used.

You might consider creating firewall rule/s for Steam processes for the port ranges specified. Or, creating generic rules for Steam processes without port specification.

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@itman, thanks for the reply.

But like i said, i made a custom firewall rule for steam.exe and webhelper exe: Any port with any protocol.

Even so, with learning mode, it generates a lot of  "allowed", and i can see them in firewall rule table. So it generates firewall rules, but does not remember them. Maybe a bug? Because firewall works just fine with many other applications, but on my case, it does not save them when start steam.


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Is there a setting to get firewall popups more "informative" ?

I mean, in which port, resolve ip where it is connecting to etc?

AS you can see, 37 messages. 

And when you do a firewall rule for steam.exe and steam webhelper.exe to allow any for any(like chrome), steam cannot load. It loads, but "no connection". 



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