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Can't activate ESET Full Disk Encryption

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I have ESET Protect On-Prem on server station and ESET Security + ESET FDE on client workstation. I have trouble with activation EFDE on client machine - ESET Security was activated correctly, but EFDE not. When I deploying activating task from ESET Protect, log file says:

[2023-12-13 12:57:41.403] [agent] [info] [4556] Received policy update from the agent
[2023-12-13 13:00:59.647] [agent] [info] [11776] Received Activation task from Agent
[2023-12-13 13:01:00.494] [agent] [info] [11776] Activation task has succeeded
[2023-12-13 13:02:42.678] [system] [info] [3372] Terminating
[2023-12-13 13:03:20.660] [system] [info] [3384] Agent Interface Service awake
[2023-12-13 13:03:20.833] [agent] [info] [3384] Initialising agent connection
[2023-12-13 13:03:20.841] [agent] [info] [3384] Initialising legacy agent connection
[2023-12-13 13:03:20.879] [inspector] [warning] [4072] Product is not activated



Can you help me?

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  • ESET Staff


I think we need to up the logging to debug level and then acquire some logs for me so I can see if the Agent is communicating the 'Activation' task and if it is erroring on the EFDE Client with higher debugging.

To do this access the following path in the Registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Full Disk Encryption\CurrentVersion\AIS\Logs\Loggers

Change 'License' from "info" to "debug"

Re-attempt the 'Activation' task and leave it time to process (EP Console should update if you it is sent or failed) and then acquire these logs if you have issues: https://www.eset.com/int/support/log-collector/

Thank you.

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  • Solution

Sorry for long time with no answer, but I have solution - a little bit funny. :) When I clicked "Activate product" ESET Protect was trying activate FDE license with ESET Endpoint Security license and there was no change of it working... Solution: when you creating activation task from Computer details view, you should be aware which type of license you will use to do this task - automatically ESET choosing first available license, in my case it was wrong type. 

So, It's all ok, now I know I should choose which license I need to use. GUI in this case was so illegible. I could not do it without your hint about debug mode in ESET Logs, thank you so much! 

Edited by OBR CTM
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