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  1. Sorry for long time with no answer, but I have solution - a little bit funny. When I clicked "Activate product" ESET Protect was trying activate FDE license with ESET Endpoint Security license and there was no change of it working... Solution: when you creating activation task from Computer details view, you should be aware which type of license you will use to do this task - automatically ESET choosing first available license, in my case it was wrong type. So, It's all ok, now I know I should choose which license I need to use. GUI in this case was so illegible. I could not do it without your hint about debug mode in ESET Logs, thank you so much!
  2. Okay, I will send it to you next Monday, because I don't have access to problematic workstation now.
  3. EFDE and ESET Security was activated earlier, but I need do it again. ESET Security activated correctly, but EFDE not, computer is 100% encrypted.
  4. Hello, I have ESET Protect On-Prem on server station and ESET Security + ESET FDE on client workstation. I have trouble with activation EFDE on client machine - ESET Security was activated correctly, but EFDE not. When I deploying activating task from ESET Protect, log file says: [2023-12-13 12:57:41.403] [agent] [info] [4556] Received policy update from the agent [2023-12-13 13:00:59.647] [agent] [info] [11776] Received Activation task from Agent [2023-12-13 13:01:00.494] [agent] [info] [11776] Activation task has succeeded [2023-12-13 13:02:42.678] [system] [info] [3372] Terminating [2023-12-13 13:03:20.660] [system] [info] [3384] Agent Interface Service awake [2023-12-13 13:03:20.833] [agent] [info] [3384] Initialising agent connection [2023-12-13 13:03:20.841] [agent] [info] [3384] Initialising legacy agent connection [2023-12-13 13:03:20.879] [inspector] [warning] [4072] Product is not activated Can you help me?
  5. I did it, but anyone doesn't have similar problem yet?
  6. Hi, I have a few computers, where license has been deactivated without any administrator action. We have a lot of free licences, so it can't be overload. I have ESET Protect Advanced On Prem solution. Any idea why it happened?
  7. Hello, we have purchased ESET Protect Advanced On Prem license for X entities. I logged in to ESET PROTECT On Prem console and my ESET Business Account at the same time and I don't know why is difference between license usage information from these two sources. Can you help me? I made a test - I deactivated one device and on EBA the number of activated devices has decreased but on my On Prem console not.
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