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EIS "Browser script scanner" breaks Firefox in Sandboxie

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Since Eset v17.0.15.0, the Firefox browser no longer works within a Sandboxie sandbox! All tabs crash immediately on loading and if you look at the add-on page, you will notice that the icon is missing for almost all add-ons. I didn't even install the Eset "Browser Privacy & Security" add-on. The cause of the problem with Sandboxie is the Eset "Browser script scanner". As soon as you deactivate it, Firefox works again with Sandboxie.

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I can confirm exactly the same situation,  My version now are:

Windows 11 Pro Custom Desktop 23H2 V10.0.22631.2715,  Firefox 120.0,  ESET, Sandboxie V1.12.1 (it's a beta version to see if the problem is fixed, but it is not a Sandboxie problem).

I sent a support email to Microbe (Australia's agent for ESET), with no solution yet.

Originally Vivaldi and Firefox were affected, but I read some posts on Sandboxie GitHub and on this Forum, and found that turning off Banking Protection and Browser Privacy & Security fixed the issue for Vivaldi, but not for Firefox.

I declined to turn of Browser script scanner, because it looks like an essential piece of protection.  But when I did turn it off a few minutes ago, it fixed Firefox as well. 

PROBLEM 1:  But that is a very poor solution, because Browser script scanner should never be turned off.  The Information circle next to it says, "If enabled, all JavaScript programs executed by interbet browsers will be checked by the antivirus scanner."

I am now turning it on again, and I will avoid Firefox until this is fixed, which is a real nuisance, because I normally use Firefox quite a bit, in particular for banking.

PROBLEM 2:  I don't use Safe Banking & Browsing at the moment, relying instead on Sandboxie with Ramdrive sandboxes, my VPN (PIA) and CCleaner.  But I would like to be able to use it in the future.

PROBLEM 3:  I have not been able to test out the Browser Privacy & Security feature, but I am not at all pleased that I cannot use it.

Can we please have fixes to all this as soon as possible.

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Under Windows 10 x64 22h2 and Sandboxie classic 5.66.4, the Script Scanner does not cause any problems with Vivaldi or Brave, only with Firefox.
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I have similar problem.

After installing today ESET Internet Security version my Microsoft Edge (v. 119.0.2151.93) stopped working - every page is white/blank and I have error message. Only after disabling "browser script scanner" Edge start working again.

I have Windows 10 Home 22h2 with November updates.

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I don't use Edge, which is why I have disabled everything in it that is possible, but it still doesn't show a blank/white page in Sandboxie.

The November update KB5032189 cannot be installed here due to error 0x8007000D, which is why I skipped it. All known solution attempts failed. Even uninstalling EIS did not help. I then installed EIS The Edge browser here is still on 119.0.2151.72, but I guess that wouldn't make a difference to your problem.

Eset Script-Scanner enabled_Edge in Sandboxie.jpg

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18 hours ago, Marcos said:

The issue with Sandboxie will be fixed in the Browser protection module 1335 soon (1334 is being released now).

If browser protection is deactivated, the module does not appear in the module list at all. I have therefore temporarily activated the browser script scanner and then carried out an update. However, according to the module list, I still have version 1332 (from 17.11.2023) of the browser protection module. I realize that some updates are rolled out with a delay, but shouldn't I have at least version 1333?

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Hm, even with Firefox 120.0.1, Sandboxie classic 5.67.3 and the browser protection module 1334 (1333 was probably skipped) I no longer have any problems with the script scanner. As a precaution, I'll wait for the regular 1335 before I mark it as solved.

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I was too quick with the post about the 1334. Apparently it takes a while for the script scanner to take effect in Sandboxie after it has been switched on. In any case, every tab crashed again with the 1334.

Now I have activated the pre-release updates and with the 1335 it actually doesn't happen anymore. I'll still wait a week before marking it as solved. Maybe the tabs will crash again after a while.

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