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  1. Since the in place update from 10.0.390 to 10.1.219: Sometimes the search for updates (after the PC ist restarted) doesn't end and I must cancel it manually.
  2. Yes, I know that he is on pre-release updates and I'm using regular updates. But I thought, that only modules with the "P" at the end are pre-release modules. And for the "Prüfmodul für Routerschwachstellen" there is a difference of 2 versions and more than 2 month.
  3. Why do I have these older modules? user: HIPS-Unterstützung: 1291 (20170711) me: HIPS-Unterstützung: 1290 (20170705) user: Sicheres Online-Banking und Bezahlen: 1108 (20170714) me: Sicheres Online-Banking und Bezahlen: 1107 (20170628) user: Prüfmodul für Routerschwachstellen: 1039 (20170627) me: Prüfmodul für Routerschwachstellen: 1037 (20170419) All others are the same or newer.
  4. Don't Sleep and all other tools that I know uses "SetThreadExecutionState" and it is no more reliable. (Sometimes my Windows 7 PC goes to hibernate while such tools are running or a media stream is played.) Software should now use "Power Availibility Requests" to prevent Windows from energy save modes Comparison between "SetThreadExecutionState" and "Power Availibility Requests": https://decatec.de/programmierung/c-sharp-windows-standby-unterdruecken/
  5. The bug with the swapped entries is only in the german version. I have also noticed that it is not possible to change from a selected action to another directly. I have to choose "no action" first and than I can change to another action.
  6. Open the settings of uBlock origin. There are some filter lists to block malware domains. Not all of them are enabled by the default settings.
  7. Only applications can tell Windows that it is not allowed to enter the energy saving mode. Some media applications do this (e.g. Winamp). I use this special application (freeware): don't sleep But while "don't sleep" is running, Eset can't send Windows to sleep or hibernate mode after the scan. If I want to use this Eset feature, I have to play music with Winamp while Eset is scanning. This works. @itman A full scan takes 5 hours for me. I do this once a month.
  8. If I select "hibernate" as action after the scan, Eset displays "sleep" as the selected action and vice versa.
  9. I don't understand why Eset try to scan archive files which are bigger than Esets archive size limit. The scanner should ignore such archives. I think this must be an bug. Edit: I have tested it with ESS 9.0.408 now and its the same. So this is not new with EIS 10.0.390.
  10. After an on-demand scan I had the following entry for all mails of my zipped mail backups, which all have an archive level of only one (not archive in archive): "Zu viele Archive verschachtelt" / "too many archives embedded" I had also tried the maximum settings for the limits, without any difference. I can't remember this for ESS 9.0.408 EDIT: It seems to be, that the logged reason is wrong and the right reason is, that only the archive size is too big. The archive has an size of 2.2 GB and the maximum size limit with Eset is 2 GB.
  11. I found out, that it only occurs if the senders address is in the exception list. In my case this mails are status mails from my own computer. Therefore sender and recipient are the same and the address is in my exception list (automatically done from Eset). Test: - Send an mail to yourself (your mail address should be in the exception or positive list) - Classify the received mail as spam manually - Reclassify the mail as non spam manually
  12. Hm, I have now uninstalled 9.0.402.0 and installed the 9.0.386.1 with the same result. I know, that some month ago this problem doesn't exist. But I don't know the version who doesn't have this issue (maybe 9.0.381.0).
  13. After the update from 9.0.386.0 to 9.0.402.0: The subject of an mail in Windows Live Mail client, which is/was classified as spam and Eset has added the text [sPAM] (or any other user defined) to it, is no more shown in the list of mails. This remains after these mails are reclassified as non spam manually and Eset has removed the additional text.