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  1. I checked this problem once again. It looks like that trafficlight extension has problem with - websearches. For example it works with Bing and Facebook, but doesn't work with Google, Yahoo etc. So I excluded of course any conflict with eset products. Yes, I know that Eset also block phishing sites but after entering on them. That's why I need also something more preventing that I can double-check information about website before I come into. I have uBlock origin extension too, but uBlock block only adverts as far as I remember. I know about WOT extension but I have mixed feelings about that. But thanks for suggestion :).
  2. Hi, I am using ESS but I have also installed Bitdefender Trafficlight for Chrome, to prevent from entering dangerous website. This Chrome extension worked perfectly, but about one month ago I started to have some problems with this. I see no flags (green/red icon) near website when I type a phrase to websearch - it only works randomly when the website has subpages. Now I am trying to find what may causing it. My question is if eset products may conflict with this trafficlight extension? Or maybe You can recommend me another chrome extension which provide the same services and doesn't conflict with eset products?
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