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Tiktok flagged as Trojan

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This file can provide remote access to the infected device,
leak sensitive data and enable access for other malicious
code into the device. We strongly suggest to remove it
Threat name
Android/TrojanDropper.Agent.ELX (variant)
Trojan horse or Trojan is a broad term for malicious software
used for various malicious purposes, often either destructive
or for purposes of data theft. Trojans are currently the most
common malware type used to open backdoors, steal user
data, or download malicious software onto the infected
system. Trojans often employ social engineering as a means
of distribution. More info (English only)

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At a guess you have downloaded this file from somewhere other than google play store ?

The genuine app will not flag up as a threat.

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Please run update manually or wait a couple of hours until the latest modules are downloaded automatically. It appears that TikTok app has recently updated and an old detection was triggered on the app. It has been fixed in the latest engine module.

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18 minutes ago, silvernotgold said:

my TikTok app was updated last night and I received the same threat as mriggins. 

Threat: Android/TrojanDropper.Agent.ELX

After updating modules, it seems to have gone away.

Probably you had outdated modules if detection ceased after a module update. The last change in the detection was make on Nov 3, we haven't fixed anything related recently.

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