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ESET EEP Intune Deployment

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Hey Guys,

currently we are deploying our ESET Management Agent via Intune as described in the Best Practice for MacOS.

After installing and connecting to our ESET Server, there is running a script which will push the Endpoint Protection to the Clients.

Unfortunately our Server is only reachable via VPN so the Script fails if the Connection to the server is not established or not long enough connected.

My Idea was now to push the PKG for the latest ESET 6.11.606.0 directly to the Devices, which is working fine for new Devices but overwrites the settings (Administartive Drive Access) for Devices which have the EEP already installed.

Second thought was to create a PreInstall Script to Check if the EEP is already installed and if yes Cancel the installment. This leads to a disconnection between the EEP and the Agent and removes also the Media Control Function, so we have to deinstall the Agent and reinstall it via our Intune Shell Script (Best Practice).

Can anybody Help with this Please?

Thanks in Advance

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  • ESET Staff


at first, you should use latest build 6.11.616.0. It is 6.11.606.0 with macOS Sonoma support.

I do not understand what settings are overwritten if you upgrade existing V6 by newer version using command line installation of PKG ? It should work, new V6 should import after upgrade settings from previous installed version.


Off topic: did you consider to upgrade to version 7.4.1500.0 ? If not, why? What is the reason that block you to migrate to new version 7?

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Hey Robertos,

at first thanks for your reply. I will try to recommend the Update for the responsible team.

The Setting wich is overwritten are the administrative harddrive access and privacy setting in MacOS.


As the responsible Engineer told me there are some missing feature in version 7 that are still on the roadmap to migrate from version 6.

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