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Not able to login to ESET HOME ACCOUNT:


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I am using Windows 10 pro
My ESET internet Security version is already

It always returns an empty page after I entered my email and password during my login session to ESET HOME.

I tried the following solutions in resolving the issues but everything was a failure.
1.) Ensure the Date and Time of my system is correct.
2.) I cleared all the cookies on my web browser. (Both Chrome and Microsoft Edge)
3.) I also tried to disable the SSL/TLS on the Advance Setup but still won't work. 
4.) I also tried to apply the certificate rules under SSL/TLS 
5.) I also tried setting up the URL LIST MANAGEMENT address list under Web access protection.
6.) I put *eset.com* on  "The List of address excluded from content scan" (Found Malware is ignored)
7.) I also tried to put and IP adress under Excluded IPs of Web access protection.
8.) Lastly, I tried to change my password in ESET HOME ACCOUNT by clicking Reset Password.

all the above didn't work for me.
Until I endup clicking the DEFAULT button on my Eset Internet security
to Revert to default settings because everything i tried was unsuccessful.

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Additional explanation to support my statements.
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Thank you Marcus for the promptness reply, I am new to this forum and I feel sorry to ask you a simple question about How to raise a support ticket?

Where should I proceed to create such support ticket?


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I found it anyway... 

I will just wait for them to contact me... a support ticket number was not generated for the support i am requesting..


technical support.jpg

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