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Problems installing ESET Endpoint Security (MSI.1923)


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I have problems with one client, because last version of ESET Endpoint Security isn't installing properly, and I don't know what it happened, but I don't have any ESET Endpoint Security installed right now. When I try to open an installer, I always get the same error (image attached).
I have tested some things: reinstalling Agent & Security, but it doesn't work, even having deleted 'ESET' folders and keys of register (Agent is installed correctly).
ESET Support told me to reinstall ESET in safe mode, but I don't have physical access to the PC, so it isn't a good solution for me.

Regards, Iggy.


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Was this All-in-one installer created today or yesterday? Are you able to install Endpoint using the msi installer from ESET's website? What OS is it? If installation fails due to missing ACS support, you'll need to install the appropriate Windows update: https://support-eol.eset.com/en/trending_weol2023_10_2022.html.

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