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  1. Exactly! First, we couldn't select the server for components upgrade. Once they fixed it, now the eraservice is gone. I agree with ODBC and SHA1 as i tried both and still not able to login to web console. Please let me know if you get a meaningful response from support. I might end up opening up a support ticket too.
  2. I can't even get the ERA service to run on the appliance. Tried era, ERAServer, ERAserver, efs, eraserver but the era service is not found. Can someone tell me what the era server service name is on the new appliance? Thanks, Vaneet
  3. Its getting extremely hard to manage my eset environment with the issue in this post. Can't push clients, cant contact the administrator from clients. Please expedite this patch.
  4. Thank you! Please let us know when this issue is fixed. Much appreciated.
  5. Same issue here...can't run components upgrade task as no reference server is found. Like the OP, the server upgrade went smoothly without any issues. Please help
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