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Trojan Detection?


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I reported and submitted url + file to samples@eset.com 3 days ago
ESS 7.0.317.4 (vsd: 10915) still doesn't detect this malware.

I have had a similar experience. After I post here ESET detects submitted malware finally.
I'm not happy with this.
I also submitted this malware file one of 15 and they reply to me in 3 hours.
Of course they detect this malware.


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1, We don't have any file with the given MD5 in our ticketing system.2

2, The file is corrupted and therefore isn't subject to detection.

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My observation - when you send really malicious file your submission is resolved quickly, when you send not malicious/corrupted/useless file - it gets low priority and you often get no answer.

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