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Browser protection shows on on laptop, doesn't show on the other.

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Although both computers have the exact same options enabled, on the one left under advanced setup one laptop shows " Browser Protection 1" and the other doesnt show the "1". Both computers  show the green borders with X and the eset icon while browsing google chrome.

On the one without the 1 shows Protections - 5 and detection engine - 7, and the with one with the 1 in front of the browser protection shows well you can see protections 6, detection engine 6 (not sure if it matters) was just thinking if it the one w/o the 1 has one protection lower than the one with the 1, does it mean that it doesn't have browser protection ? 
Sorry for the poor image on of the pics.



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17 minutes ago, Marcos said:

On the second machine you had Secure all browsers (SAB) disabled and set up some protected websites in the past. Later you enabled SAB.

Well, I don't really remember doing so ... perhaps clicking on the X on the green borders ? Anyways  does mean that the both computers are browser protected ? 

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