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Trying to recover mail info from a .nqf file

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Hello everyone,

I have been troubled from some time with recovering information about a quarantined email . I have stopped using ESET to manage my email server, as I have migrated to cloud. I needed to go back to a quarantined an email sent at 7th of April 2023 from us to outbound targets, to further investigate the reason the email wasn't sent. So I restored the hard disks containing the ESET (Security and Mail Quarantine folders) from a previous backup and can see a folder with a .nqf file inside having modified date the date and time of the email I'm looking for.

Now, I don't want to restore that email (as I already have it in the mailbox of the user that sent it), I just need the email's information (sent from/to subject and the reason it was quarantined) . 

I have tried some solutions that I found online, such as placing the file in a certain ESET folder and then going to Quarantine from the gui but nothing appears there.

So, is there a way to  draw information from that nqf file by using a third party software or having ESET to open it to provide some insight?

Thanks in advance,


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You'd also need the appropriate *.ndf file with metadata. You can drop me a private message with the nqf file attached and I will restore the original file for you.

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