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"Network profile changed" - how to suppress message?


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After updating our clients to ESET Endpoint Antivirus 10.1.2046.0 we are seeing messages opening "Network profile changed" every time a network change happens like connecting/disconnecting to/from a VPN, LAN and Wi-Fi.
Is there a policy in ESET Protect to prevent these messages from showing on the clients?


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Hi Marcos, thank you for your reply. 
Before updating to 10.1.2046.0, this message wasn't showing. Does that mean, that on this particular version the option was enabled and with the new version it is disabled again? I will try to update to the new version.
The interesting thing is, when I try to set up a new policy, the option is already disabled (I just found the policy).


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3 minutes ago, estcst said:

The message still occurs with the new version when connecting/disconnecting to/from a VPN.

Does it happen with the notification disabled?


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