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Microsoft IPv6-addresses on ESET negative list?

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A few weeks ago we recognized that multiple incoming mails couldn't be delivered to our mail server anymore. After some research we found the reason for it: 

.prod.outlook.com - IP (xxxx:xxxx:xxx:xxx:cafe::99) found in negative cloudlist 2

Seems to happen with most of the Microsoft servers, we already contacted ESET and those IPs been deleted from the lists... but been on the list after a few days again. But why are only IPv6-addresses listed on those negative lists (the used IPv4-adresses are always fine)?

It is a bit annoying to add all senders to the allowed list or contact ESET to remove them again. Those senders are all companies and the only common thing are the Microsoft servers.

Anybody else recognized that?

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Please provide the IPv6 address which is blacklisted or better a whole email message incorrectly detected as spam.

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