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GoodSync Quarantine Issue


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I have attached the Quarantine Log also other relevant information. I use GoodSync to back up. Daily I back up to one of the Toshiba External Drives shown in the attachment and Weekly I back up from that drive to the othe Toshiba External drive also shown. There is no problem with the daily back up but on the weekly backup I get the notice from Eset that this file has been quarantined and I do not get any options. If I go to the Log and say restore it can't do that either. Occasionally I do this backup on other random occasions but still get the same error. I am using ESET 8 fully updated. Can anyone throw any light on this matter and advise what I should do, please?






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Any items found in the quarantine log are most likely legitimate detections and i would advise against any kind of restore from quarantine.

If you feel the detection is a false positive you can submit here .


However, to answer your question regarding why it won't restore. You will need to plug in your backup drives before attempting the restore, because the restore will only place it inside its original found location and path.

gstmp obviously stands for Good SyncTemp, directory. So temp dirs are sometimes scheduled for cleaning or deleting.

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