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  1. Have done as you suggested Marcos. Thanks for the help. Cheers Rex
  2. Hi itman, Thanks for your time, I have posted two screenshots of firewall rules, the last one wouldn't fit in so had to do a second. Thanks. Rex
  3. Hi All, It didn't take long, I have attached a screenshot from network troubleshooter, after I unblocked as I forgot to doit first! Cheers Rex
  4. I will wait until the next time it happens and get the screenshots then. Thanks for your input.
  5. The two devices being blocked are as follows: LAPTOP-ERIRU048 REX-DESKTOP-6QQ Being the names of my two Network computeers, occassionall my network printer MG3660 is block but doesn't appear to be causing a problem, but I unblockm it as well if it is being blocked. I have not created any Firewall Rules as I have never had to before and I don't really know how, anyway. Normall ESET learns but it seems to be very slow learning at the moment. I am not considering changing my security at all but it is a bit frustrating when you have to keep doing it all over again. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Rex
  6. I am a long term ESET user, infact have never used any other security. but for about 1 year I have been having trouble with networking my pc's. It bseems that Eset decides out of the blue to block one or some times both pc's, I unblock them and it says will not block again, but it does fib. I have attached a screenshot showing the product ID and one of the Network Security. Can you please make a suggestion? Thanks for your time. Cheers Rex
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