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Mac m1 chip cannot connect to activation server

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Hello @xiaowu

the error should be only temporary, see https://support.eset.com/en/kb7297-resolve-act-or-ecp-errors-during-activation-home-users

0x00030000 (macOS)
0x1003000d (macOS)

We could not reach the activation server

This error commonly occurs when your computer is not properly connected to your network and your internet connection is not active.

Verify you have an active internet connection

Your ESET product is having trouble connecting to the ESET servers. Verify that your computer has an active internet connection by going to https://www.eset.com.

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1 hour ago, Peter Randziak said:


该错误应该只是暂时的,请参阅 https://support.eset.com/en/kb7297-resolve-act-or-ecp-errors-during-activation-home-users



当您的计算机未正确连接到网络并且 Internet 连接未处于活动状态时,通常会出现此错误。


您的 ESET 产品在连接到 ESET 服务器时遇到问题。转至https://www.eset.com验证您的计算机是否具有有效的 Internet 连接。  

https://www.eset.com/ No problem, but still unable to activate🫠



I have installed and uninstalled many times, and if I use a VPN, I will report an error 0x00040021


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20 hours ago, Peter Randziak said:

Hello @xiaowu,

please try to activate it without the VPN, some licenses might be restricted to be activated only in allowed countries...

Are you able to access https://edf.eset.com/edf ? 


I can access it without turning on the VPN, but I still can’t activate it. I downloaded it through the official download. M1 Pro chip, does it support it?😭

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Hello @xiaowu,

I still can’t activate it. I recommend to enable the activation logging (ECP logging) and open a case with your distributor to have it checked.

38 minutes ago, xiaowu said:

M1 Pro chip, does it support it?😭

The Apple chips are being supported, natively by the v7 so that is not an issue for sure...


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