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ClevX DriveSecurity v 2.18 - Feedback


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Some months ago I gave my first feedback about ClevX DriveSecurity powered by ESET. I think I had used version 2.14 there.
Now there is a new version out (2.18) and so here my feedback about this too.

Again the "symbols" you should already know:
+ Praise
- Improvements you can do
~ Comments

At first (unfortunately) the things that weren't fixed until now:
- The EULA is still stored on the desktop

- The PHP file still redirects somewhere in an indefinite loop:

After activating trail license I get an e-mail with a link where I should seen the "licence information". But I saw nothing because the link (links to this file) "redirects the request for this address in a way that will never complete." (Firefox says)

- And unfortunately the email-address is still saved in plain text in a TXT file.

Now the good news
+ multi-language has arrived! You can now switch the language from English to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese!
+ the GUI looks much better now. The background picture is gone. :)

User interface and interaction
~ But unfortunately there are still some things about the GUI that can be improved:
+ The new progress bar (in design of the whole GUI) looks much better than the old one (which only used the Windows default design), but...
- if you start CDS then there is just a white rectangle. This doesn't lookes such good. IMO it looks as there would something missing (and someone has cut something out)
- and if you're finished with a scan then the progress bar sticks at 100% and doesn't go "back" to it's normal state
- Additionally if you're running a scan and you click the button to stop it (and hold it clicked) then you can see that this button doesn't have a transparent background, but it is displayed with a black background:
- While scanning a device you can pause the scan. Then you will see the "scan button" again - maybe a kind of "resume"-button would be better here.
- And it would also be nice if the GUI would be resizeable, so you can make it as large as you want (so you can read the log entries without scrolling e.g.).
- At the top of the GUI is now a "secure your PC". If you click on it it opens a websites which goes to ESET. (below more about this) To be honest I had liked the ClevX icon more, because now you can't see anymore that DriveSecurity is developed from ClevX and the "secure your PC" looks a bit like an advertisement.
Additionally you can't drag and drop the window if you click on the part with the link, because the site immediately opens.
- But the site as itself isn't nice too. As you know CDS is now available in more languages than English, but if you click on the "link" you will get to this site and this site you can only visit if you access it from North America. Otherwise it will say "Sorry, this page is only available to residents of North America.".
- If I'm already talking about the languages another thing which would be a good idea: Because CDS supports more languages now why not release it on the sites of the ESET distributors of the supported languages? So e.g. you could also offer the download of this app on the German ESET site.
- The context menu is quite small. A few more entries would be nice - actually it is nearly useless.
- If malware is detected it does show a message in the system tray now. So far so good, but this message isn't translated, even if you change the language of the GUI. Additionally it links to the same site I mentioned before and so it's logically also inaccessible for not-North-American users.

- Also it would be very useful if the software could show the name of the threat it detected. Actually it only shows "infected file". But with the name of the malware you can get much more information about it. Also it could show the category (e.g. trojan, PUA,...) of the malware.
- The included help is quite old. It's written © 2013 there...
- and it's only in English.
- On a kingston website they claim:

Actions You Can Take

For each infected file, you can take one of two actions:

  • Click on the icon with a blue-green check markto keep the file.
  • Click on the icon with a red Xto delete the file.

Instant Alerts
• If a virus is detected, you will see an alert in the System Tray icon. Click on it to view the infected files and take remedial action.

I haven't seen this features. Normally if a treat is detected it is automatically deleted, so I think this statements there are wrong.

Features and improvements
- Also there is even not such a simple thing like an "about window". In this about box you could e.g. put useful links where you can get support for the product. E.g. a link to the FAQ.
- Additionally a nice feature would be to export the log, you see in the window, to a TXT file (or maybe to permanently save it on the flash drive). This would be e.g. useful for troubleshooting/support or if you later want to get more information about the malware which was on the computer.
- I even saw that sometimes (maybe if CDS updates the VSD) the log window is just cleaned. Why? If this is really by design it should be configurable so you can also deactivate this.
- Generally it would be nice to have more options. (e.g. the ThreatSense settings, so you can e.g. configure how deep CDS should scan rar/zip archives)
- Another great thing would be to scan the RAM/running processes too. Because this would provide a good protection against keyloggers. Especially if you're using e.g. the encrypted drives from Kingston (where DriveSecurity is preinstalled and you have to enter a password) you could - at least after entering your password - get out that your password was just compromised. (so you know you should change it soon)
- Additionally it would be nice if DriveSecurity would also have the (optional) possibility to detect PUAs.
- And - like I already said - it would be great if ESET LiveGrid would also be used, because USB sticks "travel" a lot and so they could collect many data for ESET LiveGrid.


Language and licensing
- Because German is my first language I of course tested the German language there. However some translations there were - well... - not so good. But even in the English language I found things I could improve.
Here some examples:

  • In the tooltip where the VSD version is displayed you can read this in the German version: "Library version".
    But as you maybe know at ESET we call this VSD (in German "Signaturdatenbank").
  • In the tooltip of the update button left of it you can read this in the German version: "Update-Signatur" - This is a minor translation mistake, but it should rather say "Signatur aktualisieren" or something similar.
  • And often there are processes, in the log (e.g. "Retrieve license"). To indicate that this is a process I would add "..." to it, like it is mostly done in many programs and Windows. Additionally the German translation there were "Abhollizenz" which is a noun. :D

However I don't only want to criticize, so I looked into the DLL files which where used as language files and modified them, so I like the result. I changed the English and the German language file. Of course feel free to use it.
Download modified language files (ZIP)

Alternative download link

Virustotal scan
If you are currently a user of CDS, then feel free to download my language files as well and replace the old ones with them. Instructions how to do this and a Batch file, which does this nearly automatically are included in the ZIP package.
- Additionally there is actually a language selection for "default" which is the same as "English". So I think this is quite useless. As a default the program should read the language the OS has and try to set it as the language which is used for CDS. Only if such a language isn't available it should use English.
- When you change the language it doesn't doesn't immediately change the language. You have to restart CDS! And I think at least a message that suggests the user to do this would be quite useful.
- And in the old feedback we already discussed about how we can include CDS in ESS e.g., because a yearly subscription to a tool you maybe want to use on many (small) devices is not very cheap. Now I have a new idea: Why not add it to the multi-device licenses. E.g. you could make a license for "5 desktop/mobile devices + 5 USB sticks". Or maybe as a small addition for special offers it could also be an idea (like "Only 3 days: For every purchase of ESS you get one DriveSecurity for free").



So I hope I could help you with this feedback.
I have send a link to this feedback to ClevX too.


Edit: Changed alternative download link, because the old hoster added PUA to their site, which was detected by ESET.

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Dear rugk,


Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve you and other DriveSecurity users.


The good news is we are going to release redesigned DriveSecurity 3.0 soon with a lot of new features and improvements, some of them based on your comments.


Thank you for your support, trust, and loyalty.



Edited by ClevX-Guru
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