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Found 17 results

  1. I have to ask for that how many people or users can use only one of those products that are made for mobiles (Android phone version)? I'm talking about the normal home use. Because I am owner of one of those products and I wish to be it possible for these products.
  2. Hello, Im using Windows 8.1, my friend borrowed my memory card and because of that my memory card got a virus. Eset Security was able to scan the virus but unable to delete it. Every time i click delete, it just says "Error While Cleaning" and in just goes to quarantine. Is there a way for me to delete the virus? Thanks.
  3. I recently bought ESET Smart Security (latest version) and I have it running on my Windows 8.1 laptop. While I have not noticed any other problems, the one thing that I have noticed is that after installing it, my External HDDs keep getting activated (waking from sleep mode) periodically. This did not use to happen this frequently before (Windows itself has some components that also do this, but I disabled most non-essential ones), so I am thinking that it is some component of ESET smart security that is doing this. I would like to know how to prevent ESET from waking up / activating m
  4. We have a small group sharing a locally attached USB printer. Since deploying ERA 6.3 long with the latest endpoint software this group experiences significant delays between submitting a print job and it actually getting printed. If i disable AV temporarily the problem is resolved. Is there a policy I can make to resolve this?
  5. I pushed WPS button on modem not knowing what it was so I did research (which I probably should have done first) and discovered that I may have made myself vulnerable to a "brute force attack". Well anyway I don't know if it is coincidence but now my firefox browser wont let me access certain websites like my email or play utube videos and I am getting "You are not secured". My other browser "edge" will let me. Further research while trying to find a solution to FF browser says certificates might have been changed by a third party and just waiting for me to allow them to be recognized thus le
  6. Hi all, we have experienced with the second customer now (the first one was not solved ) that after installation of Endpoint Antivirus, the employees can not connect their mobile phones and cameras to the computer. External drives are working correctly. All default settings of EEA. Cross OS. Even with after deselecting "integration with system" for device control with the system the issue continues. What is weird that even after un-installation the issue does not return back to normal (prior installation), having the team run a manual uninstall now to verify if it could be caused
  7. Hello, excuse me, I speak a little english. I am always this problem in Ubuntu 14.04 Chromium it's don't can display only webpage although i have install the last version of Nod32 linux 4.0.81 which is supposed revise this problem ! I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 64bits thanks for your interest
  8. Eset real time protection is detecting and deleting crack files from pendrives even if it is set in exclusion options of ESS. We have excluded the folder in which the said crack file is kept, also excluded the whole pendrive, as well as the specific exe file which is getting deleted. Same problem persists with version 8 as well as version 9. We have regenerated the issue with multiple crack/sample files. Sometimes the problem generates after replugging the pendrive several times in the system. Please note that the drive letter of the pendrive remains same after replugging. Kindly ch
  9. Hi all I'm a newbie to ESET, although not to similar software on PCs. I downloaded a trial version of Cyber Security to my MacBook Air a few days ago and it took 2-3 hours to scan my hard disk (85 Gb used on a 120Gb drive) Yesterday I connected my external drive to run a backup, and Cyber Security asked if I wanted to scan that too. I said yes ... and 24 hours later its still running?? The external drive is 500Gb, but with only 145Gb of data on it. I'm using Time Machine for the backups so I know it will have multiple copies of my data but it still seems odd. The other odd t
  10. Hello, I'm trying to make a restoration of my system after a mistake I made a few days ago, but this isn't working with ESET because it blocks the process. How can I restore my system with ESET? How can I exclude the restoration system (if that's what I have to do?). Thanks a lot.
  11. Some months ago I gave my first feedback about ClevX DriveSecurity powered by ESET. I think I had used version 2.14 there. Now there is a new version out (2.18) and so here my feedback about this too. Again the "symbols" you should already know: + Praise - Improvements you can do ~ Comments At first (unfortunately) the things that weren't fixed until now: - The EULA is still stored on the desktop - The PHP file still redirects somewhere in an indefinite loop: - And unfortunately the email-address is still saved in plain text in a TXT file. Now the good news + multi-language has arrived!
  12. Whenever I attach a phyically write-protected USB-stick / flashdrive ( yes, there a still some available like Trekstor CS), it takes 'hours' until icons are displayed and folders are accessible. (even if I 'don't care' the NOD32 message when detecting the device). NOD32 latest version 7.0.302.26 various OS ( XP, Vista, W7, W8, 32/64) If I switch off write protection, everything works normal. Can someone verify this experience and probably find a solution? I need this writeprotected stick when I approach unknown computers as a repair tool .
  13. So I was trying to create a sysRescue using a 4gb usb drive and I got done with the unmounting image part and then it says the system cannot find the device specified. Why is that? Do I need to get a new usb drive, maybe with higher storage or what? Appreciate the help
  14. I tested the new USB-antivirus DriveSecurity. Here my feedback. For convenience I marked my feedback with this signs: + Praise - Not so good ~ Comments Installation: + At first: Very good idea! Its a good idea to protect also USB sticks. + Installation with the Installer is very easy - Why the EULA is stored on the desktop? This isn't a nice and it also isn't a sign of reliability. Why don't display the EULA only (like all other software does) or install it on the USB drive? - After installation there pop-up many windows at once. (It's not such bad but it isn't nice too.) ~ Onl
  15. Hi everybody I have problem with Device Control, I can't manage it! In fact I do it but it doesn't work! I read all of website tutorial about it and done all of them step by step, but I couldn't block my USB! Please help me about that and how can I write that policy. with regards
  16. I would like to tweak Update Rollback a bit, i.e an option to choose where Update Rollback files are stored, and confirmation window upon ESET update which asks you to verify where to save Update Rollback files.
  17. Hey all, I've been having an issue ever since installing Windows 8.1 Pro that I never had happen when using Windows 7. I have Smart Security 7 installed and configured to use Interactive mode. I have a Freenas machine set up with hundreds of movies which I view using XBMC. All works fine when viewing and playing the media normally, however when I scan the drives for new media, the connection to the machine is completely lost (mere seconds into the scan), and only comes back upon disabling the firewall. I also use a media manager to automatically download artwork for my movies before hand,
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