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I updated from 9.1 to 10.1 now my life is over lol

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Guys I need help.
My eset virtualized server after doing an update that came automatically through the dashboard from 9.1 to 10.1, damaged my database and does not let me log in to my dashboard anymore.
Unfortunately I no longer have the virtual image I used, I downloaded the 9.1 version used before from the eset website and uploaded a backup file from two months ago, and now it shows this image error message. From what I understand he wants me to use the source image of the installation, and I don't have it anymore. How can I restore my database? There were more than 1000 park machines within this backup. And that's all why this damn eset pro 10.1 update came.


I saw here on the forum that this is happening to many people. If anyone knows how I can solve this, for the love of god help me. Why is it unbelievable that you have an option to use linux and not have support for linux to solve virtualization problems, a company that already exists in the market for so long with nod32. They closed my other topic with the same problem without even giving me an answer, if there is no solution here it is better to close the company's doors and go sell hot dogs.


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Please raise a support ticket for investigation. Even if upgrade to a newer version failed (e.g. insufficient disk space or free memory) and even the database got damaged for whatever reason, restoring it to a backup made before the upgrade should enable you to retry the upgrade.

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Good evening dear Marcos.

I contacted the technical team in São Paulo, Brazil and will wait for a response from them.

I was going to try to do one thing and I don't know if it would work that would be the following.

The version that failed at the time of the update was 9.1 and even when downloading this version from the eset website, it says that the IDs are not the same.

I believe this ID is generated in the image when it is downloaded as a means of security to avoid stealing its database and using it in any vmware with version 9.1 if I'm not mistaken.

So since I no longer have this image that the server was created at the time, I thought of performing a factory reset on the vmware and configuring it and then uploading the backup I have to see if it will recognize the vmware ID correctly.

That's what I was going to do, but I received a response from a friend here at eset, Aryeh Goretsky, who specializes in windows and gave me the contact details of this team in São Paulo.

But if the team does not have a solution, I will carry out this factory reset procedure to recognize the ID, since the machine will be damaged and I will have to upload the 10.1 image and run remote tools on the network to update and recognize it the endpoints.


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