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migration policy fails to migrate clients to cloud. clients stop reporting to on-premise EP

sanjay mehta
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never knew this would turn out so badly.

for a case of recent upgrade to EP advanced from EP entry - on prem, we first applied migration policy on two computers & they migrated to cloud all right. getting the confidence, we applied the migration policy to about 150 computers on a group, and most of them fail to migrate to cloud. but they also stop reporting to the on-prem server also. now we are stuck. few computers did migrate, but now they have a new problem, modules not updating issue. the problem is such that as soon as one attempt to update the module fails, immediately the next update attempt begins. so you do not get the time to effectively pause the updation process for some time.

any suggestions to resolve the issues ? we would like to avoid uninstall - restart - reinstall the installer on all machines.

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Please start with checking C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\status.html  and trace.log for possible errors. You can upload them here as well, the attachments are available only to ESET staff.

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thanks for your prompt reply & sorry for my delayed response.
had connected with eset support & submitted log files, so was waiting before replying here.

the conclusion was that the agents were connecting to the local EP on-prem & not the EP cloud after migration, but were using the cloud certificate. the solution suggested was to re-deploy the agents on all about 100 machines disconnected machines, using either the remote deployment tool or by GPO.

we were going to work on this, but realized that we have several computers with some or other kinds of internet restrictions applied on them through the network firewall, so we decided to first apply all rules as per https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/prerequisites.html to enable eset traffic. note : this was not an problem earlier because the EP was on-prem. now we realize that this should have been the first step before applying migration policy.

no sooner did we open the network firewall, most disconnected computers started showing up in lost & found group of EP cloud. i guess, remaining will also show up in a couple of days.

regarding the modules update failed msg, it was due to these 100 machines were using the local mirror update server, so we simply applied an overruling policy to change this & now the problem is solved.

so now this issue is resolved. thanks.

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