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Remote install options for Mac OS when ERA and client are on different networks


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I've read the KB @ hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2524 and can create a remote install package, but it requires Apple Remote Desktop to install. If you try to double-click the created .pkg file it runs a normal install, not the scripted one.  What about situations where ARD won't work because the clients are behind a firewall at another site? For that to work you'd need to modify the client's firewall with some port forwarding and a pinhole in their NAT...not very secure and a ton of work.


Are there any ARD-like services that can deploy the .pkg while using port 80 or 443? I'd say something like join.me, but you can only transfer the files and double-click the .pkg. Which, as I stated before, runs a normal install and not a scripted one.


I thought about a push installation, but that has the same limitation as Apple Remote Desktop when the client and the ERA server are not on the same physical network.


Can you create an invitation-based install package? Meaning you'd send an email from the ERA server to the client with a link. The user clicks the link and the install process can begin through the tunnel established when the link is clicked...kind of like Microsoft's Remote Assistance application. This could be device agnostic and would work for all the currently ESET-supported devices\OSes, providing a compatible package is created on the ERA server.


Is any of this possible now or am I left with manually setting up Mac clients?



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  • ESET Staff

Hello Digital,


Unfortunately, we do not yet have an alternative deployment solution that matches a runtime-to-tunnel deployment option. For now you'll have to manually set up clients located in different networks. If you work for an ESET reseller, contact our sales department and inquire about becoming a Managed Service Provider. This will grant you access to a flexible license model and license management tools that will make it a lot easier to give each client of yours their own Remote Administrator Servers. From these, the clients can push installation packages out from within their respective LANS, going part-way towards the functionality that you're looking for.


We are planning to release something like this feature in Remote Administrator 6, whereby a user installs a software management agent that connects over SSL back to the ERA server. The agent can collect system data, reach out to the server to look for configuration changes, and lastly to itself manage the install of one of our AV products. This includes downloading the installer from our server, then running it to completion with a desired configuration. Upon general release it should be deployable as a preconfigured installer for installation by less technical customers. I will have to inquire further as to the planned process for doing this.



Best Regards,


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THanks for the response, Jeremy. The MSP program is very intriguing to me and I have reached out to my ESET sales rep about joining.


I'd love to see the Mac version of ESET come in line feature-wise with the Windows version. Remote deployment is one thing, Web Content Filtering would be a huge plus too! The deployment method you mentioned in ERA 6 sounds really slick. It would save a lot of headaches for rolling out product in the MSP space where local ERA servers might not be feasible. I'd be happy to beta test it when it becomes available ( ;)  ;) ).


Thanks again fro your help!

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