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  1. Hello Mahiralkhoir, I'm glad you discovered the name resolution issue; it is for that reason that we suggest you configure agents to use both ip address and name for clients to use to connect to the server with. Step 12 and onward from article: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3701/covers how to add multiple addresses to use for agents connecting to the ERAS. Kind regards, ESET Customer Care
  2. Hello Dlaporte, You can sync the appliance Remote Administrator with Active Directory by way of the following KB: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3665/. Be sure to write the AD servername, and the entire domain\username string in all capital letters. Those error messages don't reveal any clear cause or effect, on their own. What virtual environment are you hosting the appliance in? And at what version? Kind Regards, ESET Customer Care
  3. Hello Tobias, I submitted your request for inclusion of the ip address in the Console login failure entries, to our Market Requirement list. This list informs developer priorities for inclusion of new features in future builds. Kind Regards, ESET Customer Care
  4. Hello cmccord, -In the policy, navigate to Windows Server 4.5 -> File Security 4.5 for MS Windows Server -> General Settings -> Antivirus and Antispyware -> Exclusions -> Exclusions. If you click on Exclusions: 0 Entries you'll see the option to edit the list on the right pane. -From there, select "+Folder" and navigate to the highest level DPM Folder, wherever you have chosen to install it. Select "ok" to add it to the exclusion list, and note the *.* at the end of the folder path. This indicates that all subfolders are included in the exclusion. -ESET is rather legendary at
  5. Hello Geosoft, The Remote Administrator Dashboard for Remote Administrator 5.x isn't configured to show a whole lot by default. You'll want to create custom report templates that reflect the sort of data you're looking for. A KB article on this can be found at: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3037. Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Hello Jonathan, Would it be prudent to try updating ERAS to the current 5.2.22 build? You can create a sort of snapshot of the existing ERA data by backing up the C:\ProgramData\ESET\Remote Administration\Server folder. *Note that if you've configured the storage folders to save to nondefault directories, then you'll need to note the paths that those are stored at, back them up separately, and then restore to that path if need be. That said, if you stop the ESET Remote Administrator and RA HTTP services before running the ERA installer, you shouldn't have any issues with the upgrad
  7. Hello Digital, Unfortunately, we do not yet have an alternative deployment solution that matches a runtime-to-tunnel deployment option. For now you'll have to manually set up clients located in different networks. If you work for an ESET reseller, contact our sales department and inquire about becoming a Managed Service Provider. This will grant you access to a flexible license model and license management tools that will make it a lot easier to give each client of yours their own Remote Administrator Servers. From these, the clients can push installation packages out from within their res
  8. Hi James, You can exclude Lync and Outlook from Protocol Filtering altogether, which should resolve any compatibility issues with either application. To do so, -Go into the Firewall section of the Desktop V5 policy tree. -Add the paths to Outlook.exe and Lync.exe as X'd entries within the Web Browsers section of Zone and Rule Setup. >This section of the Remote Administrator policy is the equivalent of the "ip addresses excluded from Protocol Filtering" section of the AV products' advanced configuration tree. >As an aside in case you were wondering, adding a checked entry
  9. Hello James, The settings that I recommend for best first-attempt SSL scanning compatibility are: -SSL protocol checking = always -Ask about certificate validity if the certificate cannot be verified using the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store= yes -Ask about certificate validity if the certificate is invalid or corrupt = yes -Add the root certificate to known broswers = yes -Apply created exceptions based on certificates = no -Block encrypted communication utilizing the obsolete protocol SSL v2 = no On a test machine that is temporarily unconnected to Remote Administrator,
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