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Over 300 Network Folders Open

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I was looking in computer management > Open Files this morning to see who had a particular file open and I saw that one user had over 300 folders "open".  I confirmed with the user that they didn't have some extensive search or anything running that may cause this appearance.  I refreshed the view and then all of those were gone and the same thing showed for a different user.  Refreshed a while later and same thing for another user.  Eventually it settled down and didn't seem to affect anything while it was happening.

I do have real-time scans of network drives enabled.  Could this cause this behavior?

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I don't think it that network scanning is the culprit but you can try disabling it. Moreover, we recommend keeping network scanning disabled and install ESET on every machine in the network instead for maximum protection and to avoid possible issues and limitations of scanning network drives.

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