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  1. I received a handful of "Event occurred during an attempt to access the email" errors with the MSIL/GenKryptik.EXUD from the email application filter for one of our users. Does this mean he actually tried to open the attachment or that he opened the email?
  2. I have 3 different computers that have web protection warnings because Chrome is trying to access my.rtmark.net. One computer had 4 occurrences over 6 days and the other 2 each had two occurrences within the same day. How likely is it that they all clicked the same/similar bad links or fell for a link in an email? Should I be looking for some malware acting behind the scenes?
  3. We have an office in another country which we have recently sold. I want to remove the ESET licensing from the computers there but I am having trouble accessing the computers which makes me believe this switch over isn't going to be as friendly as I thought. If I delete them in the Security Manager, do they stop getting updates? Is there a better way to pull the plug?
  4. I should have explained a little better. This is happening on several computers. I set the exception through a policy that I applied to all computers. The log files are attached. ees_logs.zip
  5. I am in the process of upgrading from Eset version 5 to 7. We use Spiceworks to track inventory of all our computers so when it tries to contact any of the computers, ESET blocks it and records a TCP Port Scanning Attack. Originally I was receiving ARP Cach Poisoning Attack alerts from the same server and I created an IDS exception and they stopped. I added the TCP Port Scanning Attack exception in the same place and applied it to all computers but I still have the alerts showing up in the threats. Any ideas what I am missing?
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