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ESET Secure Authentication is unable to detect newly created certificate

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I am trying to configure the ESET Secure Authentication to be accessible on the public network. I have replaced the certificate with a new one that will connect to the Public IP, but when I try to attempt to add a machine, the machine is unable to find the ESA Server through the Public IP even though the needed port is now open on the public. Only when the private IP can be detected during enrollment.

Any ideas on what I can do or other procedures to be done? I have followed every step on the knowledgebase but still I failed to configure it properly. https://help.eset.com/esa/30/en-US/replacing_the_ssl_certificate.html#idpcertificate

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2023-01-24 15:54:39.0179 ERROR EIP.Core.Services.InvitationService Certificate info from url 'https://IPADDRESS:8001' cannot be retrieved. Unable to connect to the remote server


I am also having this error when adding it to the server access.

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So the ESA Server can be detected through the public, but when trying to install ESA on workstations through invite, the installation just rolls back.

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