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Problem with re-installation ESET EEE


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I have a ESET EEE Server version 3.5 to install but I have a problem with it. First installation goes OK but I have a problem with backup database restore. So I unistall product and install it again. So far it have been done few times... Futher to this operations I have a lot og services into Windows Server 2019... I have put this information in attachment.


Right now I want to fresh install the ESET EEE Server. So I unistall the product from Windows. I also delete files in location:

C:/Program Files

C:/Program Files (x86)


according to ESET or Apache HTTP

I have also take offline the database in SQL Express.

I start a new installation and firs I have an question for choose diferent port for Apache (the 80. was blocked). So i choose other port... Installation goes OK without error. But I cannot connect to serwer useing https://localhost:port. I unistall it again - step-by-step with the same steps... but now I have a blocked next port I used for last installation process. So I take other port again.

So far I cannot unistall Apache HTTP and install correctrly the Eset EEE Server.

Should I need to delete those services udeing command "sc delete service_name" ?

It is a application for unistall Apache HTTP from this machine?

This is On-Prem Windows Server 2019 without option to taka back a snapshoot. Without SQL for ESET EEE Server installation there are a few other SQL installation useing for the other applications...

Could You send me a tip for this? Becouse I stock right now i death-point...


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  • ESET Staff


Based on the complexity of the problem, I recommend you contact ESET support for further assistance. Please include details of the issues you were facing before you uninstalled the product. Please do not perform any further actions to attempt to resolve the issue as it may result in data loss, especially if you are using these organizations without a backup in place. 

Kind regards,


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According to service it should unistall and install without any errors and problems.

I have download a latest version of ESET EEE with comes online few days ago. Its not resolve a problem.

Should I use ESET removal tool from the command line in safe mode to unistall the ESET application? So far I know it is work for Endpoint Antivirus apps. Could it work for EEE Server?

How can I delete properly HTTP Apache? How can I unlock the 80. port ?

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @question-guy,

Sorry to hear about this issue.

I honestly think Ashley's suggestion is the best advice in this situation, as unfortunately the ESET Removal Tool does not work with the EEE Server. So I think it is best one of our ESET Support Agents takes a look at this issue for you and helps guide you on how to get you back up and running.

Please include details of the issues you were facing before you uninstalled the product and all steps you have taken since in order to give them the best idea as to what may have caused the issue here.

Thank you,


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