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How to do Initial Setup in Training Mode (v8), and...?

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I want to upgrade from v7 to v8?-

1. Is Over the Top best, or uninstall v7, and install v8?-


2. I downloaded the offline installer- Is that best, or should I use the Live Installer /reboot?


3. Help talks about using Training Mode for "Initial Setup", but No instructions?

- I realize that there is No active FW, so I wouldn't browse- Just open/close All my Applications to create permanent FW rules (this Really made v7 Faster vs Automatic).

- I guess I would then switch back to Automatic Mode & reboot, or reboot switch to Automatic & reboot again?


- Anything else (Of course, I would do a System Image backup first!)?

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1. If you had installed no Beta before you can do a over-the-top installation. In this case all settings will be kept.

But if you want you can also uninstall v7 before installing v8. When you use the normal Windows uninstaller for this your settings should be kept too.

However it isn't a bad idea to export your settings before ugrading - just as a backup.


2. You can use what you want. The live (online) installer has a nicer design and will automatically chose the correct version (language, 32/64bit,...) for you.

The offline installer doesn't need a internet connection and you can setup a few more settings during installation than with the live installer.


3. Normally this isn't necessary if you want to use automatic mode and it's strange that v7 was faster with this.

  • There is no active firewall? After a successfully installation of v8 the firewall is instantly running. But you should make a restart after you installed a new version of ESS.
  • After one reboot there is no need for any other reboot at all.


So 3 points you should remember:

  1. Unless anything else is stated it's your decision what installer you use and whether you install it over the top.
  2. You may want to export your settings of ESS.
  3. After you installed the new version it is recommend to restart your computer. (ESS will notify you about this)
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