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Newbie question - ESET Protect Cloud how to see actual scan details?

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Just successfully installed a trial license of ESET Protect Cloud and a local agent too, and as a new user, despite several hours of playing, can't seem to find a way to see an actual scan happening or create one that is not a full scan. The installation is successful (green stuff everywhere), and I can run scans on the trial machine and they say all is fine (no infected files, and 600k files scanned), but it is all just single-line report confirmations that a scan has completed fine.

As a former user of ESET NOD32 where you can select targets (drives, folders, external drives) and see the scans happening, I'm a bit at a loss. When I plug in an external drive, I want to be able to scan that (and also very much: see that) but while the drive light came on for a bit, I don't know if it was actually scanned. And in general, would like to be able to select specific targets at times, not just a blanket scan of an entire computer only, with no other options (which may happen at some time, but not sure if it happens when I plug in some device?).

Is this behaviour a "feature" and by design (no annoying details for us blimmin' engineers: this product just works, now go and get your flamin' coffee and shut up), or am I missing something? Or should I spend more time to RTFM? Many thanks for any clarifying response!

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