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Reported a false positive via the ESET NOD32 context menu


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5 hours ago, Marcos said:

Not sure what you mean. We have tested detection exclusions with "*" in the path (without quotation marks) and it worked. If there's an issue, I'd recommend opening a support ticket since the config would have to be checked by technical support.

They were in there and I manually added them again some for a 2nd or 3rd time (via the manual add dialogs, weird is the scan results window does not have the option to add the detection to the exclusion list from there)


Well I have tried support tickets in the past and support has ignored what I sent them even tho it is what they asked me to send and some issues are over 2 years old on another OS.  They even ignored video of the issue, and even saw it while remotes into my machine.  And as I have found out the log grabber on the other OS is buggy and does not read file paths correctly.  Also a regression bug I reported has not been fixed on another OS.


And in the past I have gotten a response from ESET on false positives.

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