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Eset 8 blocks Stockhouse.com


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I spent 2 days trying to figure out the problem.


After updating to Eset 8 Stockhouse wouldn't load any content..............so after trying everything I finally added the IP address and it loads properly now.




It always worked with Eset 7?

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For a test does the site in this thread load as it should for you, or does it also fail to load, or loads very slowly?: https://forum.eset.com/topic/3358-eset-8-smart-security/


It would be good if more V8 user can try to see if stockhouse.com loads OK or not.


Stockhouse.com loaded fine right now when I tried with the latest V7 build.



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Please feel free to PM an ESET Staffer as you deem fit. A permanent URL pinhole in your AV software is not a good idea on a site that doesn't normally require such an action.

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