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  1. Description: Setup routine under the current software build is too lengthy. DETAIL: This applies to the new version only. Redact Helper comment
  2. I am unable to use any board functionality with IE 11, many are reporting the same issues replying to or creating new posts. Fortunately I use Mozilla Firefox in addition to IE 11. This may be one the reasons why there is not as much board views or traffic as was expected. Also: there is a distinct lack of information as to how to use the board features. These were promised a good while ago but not posted. That may be why some still wish ESET support was still at Wilders.
  3. BBCode works great for links. Assuming it's within the rules of this Forum.
  4. Doesn't PowerBoard have an FAQ ?
  5. Our Members List cannot be seen unless you are logged in. A tutorial how to embed URL's would be appreciated as it's a bit more of a challenge than it was at the old support board. Thanks.
  6. Greetings, Security vet but not an old guy - you know me for ESET support and other stuff mostly security related. I like to announce software that I believe in and recommend. Run my own security firm here in Montreal, am on Twitter & Facebook. Good to be here and looking forward to seeing ESET Support grow via this new Forum. Regards,
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